The Insight Workspace

The Insight Workspace is more than a dashboard. It’s more than a modular workspace. It’s the future of research – allowing you to identify key findings in the data, make callouts, upvote/downvote insights as a team, and export to a customizable microsite

Publish with the click of a button

Publish live microsites and presentations – sharing your findings with clients and stakeholders has never been easier

Intuitive UI

Industry-leading survey editor tool with makes designing complex surveys a breeze. Drag-and-drop makes for intuitive survey organization

Collaboration at the core

Tag team members, track changes, and access all the features you love in your shared workspace

Advanced logic

Page blocking allows for efficient A/B creative testing. Piping logic to efficiently feed personalization of surveys

Enterprise-level tools at all levels

Conjoint, language translation, customization of survey appearance available for all pricing tiers
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